Waikiki, Waimea & Inbetween

Surfing Tours on Oahu



Micah will pick you up at the airport, your motel, house, hostel or cave with bells on (and surfboards strapped) ready to go. It couldn’t be easier. South Shore longboarding or North Shore ripping and everywhere in between. Wherever the surf is the best is where your headed!


We have a huge (massive) inventory of surfboards (a lot) ranging from beginner soft tops to high performance shortboards & longboards of every size and type. We usually take several different boards to sample on our surf safari.

Surf Spots

Micah is local to the island and knows virtually every inch, knows where to go (secret surf spots), where the conditions are best (perfect glassy nirvana) and where the crowds are smallest. He will safely integrate you with the locals, get you into the lineups and generally give you the surfing time of your life that you could never get on your own.


Micah is a state certified surf instructor and he typically brings your own personal Hawaii certified lifeguards on all his tours to ensure your safety. Your not going to find this level of professionalism and quality anywhere else. You couldn’t be any safer unless you stayed out of the water.