Certified Surf Instructor

Experience & Aloha

Micah Ripping Shortboard

Micah ripping in Bali.

I have always had a real passion for the ocean and for people. Out of this, my life has grown & evolved into teaching surfing and all types of water sports to complete strangers! Most people quickly realize after meeting me that I am genuine Aloha through and through…that it’s really in my DNA. I constantly strive for quality, not quantity in my surf lessons.

Fluent in Japanese

I am the only fluent Japanese speaking surf instructor on Waikiki Beach. Some of my most eager, excited students are Japanese by the way! I of course speak fluent English as well and if requested, even a little pidgeon.

Understanding the Ocean

Born in Hawaii and having grown up on Oahu’s North, East & South shores I truly understand the ocean as well as a person can. Its this knowledge about the ocean that I consider the most important part of my teaching. I take great pride in being able to understand the needs of my students and translating that into the surf lesson. I know every student no matter the age or skill level needs to easily understand the lesson in order to receive the most for their time in the water with me.